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6 tech jobs in demand for 2017

If finding the right talent is hard (and it can be), finding the right tech talent is even more of a challenge. Reports suggest that the tech skills gap is growing wider by the day, meaning that you’re going to have a battle on your hands if you want to hire the best candidates for the role.

Today, technology doesn’t just shape a business it is the business. Mobile devices, digital data, data analysis and cloud computing are now commonplace in most companies. Technical expertise is required across the entire company, and technology moves at break-neck speed. 

Skills such as Java and C++, which were in demand five years ago, have been replaced by Hadoop, Julia and R. As a recruiter you need to stay ahead of the game – even if you’re a self-confessed non-techie. You may know your front-end from your back-end, but do you know what skills your business will need this time next year? 

Here’s a list of the six tech jobs that look set to take the business world by storm in 2017.

Data scientist

Businesses need to make sense of the huge amounts of data they collect on a daily basis. As well as managing the data itself, data scientists need the skills to make sense of, store, protect and manipulate that data, too. The datasphere is growing rapidly and the demand for these skills will remain high throughout 2017 and beyond.

Information security analysts

As the volume of data increases, so too does the need to protect that data. Information security dominates the headlines and the topic is never far from the minds of IT pros. Businesses will always be in possession of sensitive data and need people who know exactly how to keep it secure, numerous sources have predicted a skills gap in this particular area.

Computer systems analyst

Demand for computer systems analysts will continue to be high in the coming years, largely because this is a role that merges together business and IT initiatives. If you want your business to meet its goals, you’ll need the software and systems that meet particular requirements. If you find the right computer systems analyst talent, you’ll never have to worry about whether your technology is supporting the rest of the business again.

Software engineer

Looking through a job listings website you can’t help but notice the number of software engineer job openings there are. Companies across a range of industries are working hard to increase their online profile and presence – and need software engineers to do so. Responsible for designing and developing software, software engineers offer businesses the technical expertise they need to stay ahead of the game.

Web developer

No matter what the size of your business, a website is a must. Demand for web developers is expected to go through the roof in the coming year, especially those with a knowledge of Ruby, Python and PHP, so its important to ensure that you have the right people with the right web development skills to keep the competition at bay.

Network engineer

Beneath the many layers of systems, applications and services lies the IT network. This places network engineers at the crux of the tech world, ensuring that our networks remain profitable and productive. Companies need individuals who understand the intricacies of wired and wireless hardware, as well as virtualised software.

While some skills expire every few years, these tech skills show no signs of going anywhere. Hiring for tech roles can often feel like a gamble (the cost of a bad recruit can run into the thousands) but with the right know-how, you can make the recruiting process far less risky. 

The right tech talent will give your company a competitive edge. Get it right and it’s sure to pay off – all the way to the cloud and back.

Our team of consultants will be happy to help you recruit in any of these areas – contact us today.

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