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5 trends to look out for in diversity and inclusion in 2019


2018 was a big year for diversity and inclusion (D&I) – it was the first time that 100% of qualifying businesses reported their gender pay gap. This helped organisations look at the position of women in the workplace and start new conversations and moves towards equality. But gender pay is just one aspect of D&I. Since 2019 companies have been improving their diversity and inclusion practices, and creating supportive work environment for all their employees. So what should we expect to see as 2019 continues?

1. Customer experience and brand reputation will be interlinked with D&I programmes. Any customer-facing campaign will have diversity as a core value and inclusive cultures will undoubtedly yield a stronger customer base. Bear this in mind if you have any upcoming initiatives, campaigns or strategies to implement.

2. Data analytics will help see – and set – success. With big data, companies will be able to see clear, real-time insights into the effectiveness of a D&I programme. This, in turn, will help to refine the programme and make it more successful.

3. AI will remove unconscious bias.  AI-powered recruitment will remove common biases related to age, gender, race and other demographically-driven factors. It could also be used to analyse and evaluate the demographic breakdown of any recruitment initiatives. Note: with AI being used more frequently in recruitment, it’s important to remember to work with it, as opposed to rely on it.

4. More focus on men. While this isn’t new, it’s important that men step up and become active in this space – all networks should be open equally to men and women, because everyone should be thinking about this.

5. A more holistic approach. There’s a bigger focus on gender diversity than anything else, but it’s time to stop separating people into silos, and instead look at D&I with a more holistic approach.

Diversity is an ongoing and iterative process. There’s a lot of work to be done here. But when done right, it leads to increased diversity and inclusion, which is a virtuous circle that repeats, encouraging every person on the team to feel included and be who they really are. 

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