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5 tips to engage and recruit top IT talent

Competition for IT recruitment roles is mounting.  Unemployment rates are low, turnover is high, and job openings are on the increase, too – as a result, candidates have a huge amount of choice when looking for a job. They are not only looking at salary, they are also considering location, flexibility, office perks and company culture. Today, it’s the candidates who hold the power – and they know it!

Luckily, there are ways to ensure you don’t end up hiring the first person to turn up with vaguely relevant experience. Here are five tips to help you find, engage and recruit the best talent for a role. 

1. Understand your brand
Brand image is a major factor in attracting the very best talent to your company. If you don’t know what people are saying about your brand, you won’t know what potential candidates are finding out before they apply. You can manage your brand reputation by keeping your website current, gathering insight from your marketing team, checking social mentions, and setting up Google alerts. 

2. Create an inspiring job description
A well-crafted job description for your IT role will help it stand out from the rest. You want it to be compelling, exciting and enticing to candidates. You should be looking for individuals who can make a positive impact on a business, not just people who have certain qualifications or who can perform certain tasks. When it comes to listing qualifications, be realistic. Too many on the list can be off-putting and will limit prospects.

3. Remember speed is of the essence
You have no idea how many other offers a candidate has on the table, so if your hiring process is too slow you could miss the boat. If they don’t hear from you and get another offer they are not going to hang around. Recruiting should be quick and decisive, and there are various ways to speed up the process. Don’t leave long gaps between the different steps and keep candidates in the loop. According to a report from Glassdoor Economic Research, the average interview process takes 23 days, however you could lose candidates in half that time. 

4. Sell the role (and the company)
As a recruiter you should be doing everything you can to sell the position and the company. Be very clear about why a candidate should work there and be prepared to articulate the company’s culture, values, vision, and direction, as well as any training and development opportunities. Make sure that everyone on the hiring team conveys enthusiasm and encouragement to candidates.

5. Focus on building relationships
Recruitment is just as much about building relationships as it is about hiring people. You need to create a buzz about your company long before you advertise a position. Encourage colleagues to share their experiences through social media and if you have a company blog keep it updated with inspiring content so that you build a community of people who know who you are. Make sure you are constantly working to leverage your network to get your message out there.

If you want to create a workforce that will drive forward your business, you need to use every tool at your disposal to attract, engage and recruit the very best talent out there. Relying on outdated recruitment methods will only hinder this process. Aim high and be innovative and you will win the battle for the top IT talent. 

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