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4 must-know graduate recruitment trends for 2019

Tom Shanks

Earlier this year, High Flier released their annual Graduate Market report, which found that the UK’s top employers – including the BBC, BP, Barclays, Deloitte, and Unilever – are expecting to boost their graduate vacancies by a huge 9.1% this year. This is phenomenal and, if predictions are right, this will be the highest annual increase in grad recruitment in the last decade. 

So, what are the graduate recruitment trends we’re seeing in 2019? 

1. Social media use is not new, but the way it’s being used is. Employers are changing the way they approach it, using it as a way to better connect with graduates and educating employees on the workplace culture and expectations. Live streaming an open day or interview workshop are great ways to maximise content here and give grads what they’re looking for.

2. The number of internships leading to graduate jobs have increased. It makes sense that grads who have a good grasp of what working for you is all about, are more likely to make the grade when it comes to a graduate placement. So, explore the possibilities of an internship or holiday placement in your business as this will help you connect with potential graduates earlier and improve attraction and retention of quality talent.

3. Changing recruitment methods. Application forms are still used by over 77% of graduate recruiters as an initial recruiting tool, but things are changing. While we’ve seen games, situational judgement tests and video interviews emerging into the market, we predict much more happening in this space.

4. Increasingly authenticity in employer branding. Employers have realised they need to be more ‘real’ in the way they communicate with graduates, especially due to the increasing visibility of the inside scoop thanks to websites including LinkedIn, Rate my Placement and Glassdoor. This is undoubtedly a good thing because more informed candidates can make better choices about where to apply, and employers will see better talent and retention rates.

The graduate recruitment market is always changing, but we predict these trends to make a difference to the way graduates feel about a company and impact their choices.

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