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3 ways to answer "Why should we hire you" in a job interview

Are you getting ready for an interview? Are you prepared for all of the questions you will be asked?

Fortunately for you, there are a handful of questions that will always come up and that can put you at an advantage.

It is highly unlikely that an interviewer will not ask "why should we hire you?" at some point during proceedings - be it early on or at the end.

If you're keen to make a good impression, here are three approaches you could take to answering that dreaded question...

1. Always quote the job description
It's vital that you read the job description thoroughly before you even walk into the interview room. Take note of the skills and experience they desire and what you have to offer, and explain them throughout your answer.

While you're preparing for the interview, be sure to make note of the three most prominent things the employer is looking for in an individual and focus on those.

2. What can you offer the company?
It's really important that you explain to your interviewer exactly what you can offer the company you're applying to, rather than focusing on what they can do for you.

When you're asked why the firm should hire you, it is really easy to get side tracked and focus on why you want to work for them, but this won't win you any brownie points. Identify your skill set and explain why and how their business can benefit from having you on-board. This could include:
  • You passion and determination
  • Your technical skills
  • Your ability to work under pressure
  • Being a good decision maker
  • Reliability
3. Explain your success stories
Another great way to answer the dreaded question is to go through a number of your success stories with your interviewer. But don't forget important details, like fact and figures, to back up your point.

Also, don't be shy in explaining what you found difficult and the challenges you had to overcome as this will prevent you from coming across as arrogant or bragging.

Ensure you remain positive, in control and rehearse your answers to typical questions. Remember, the hiring manager wants to know that you actually want to be there, so ensure that comes across during your interview.

You know you would be an asset to their company, it's all about making them believe it too!

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