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10 reasons to join Capita IT Resourcing

Tom Jones

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for a career in IT recruitment. Perhaps it's the industry that best suits your skill set. Maybe you're interested in a fast paced work environment that challenges you every day. Or it could be that you desire a job that allows you to develop strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Whatever the reason, it's important to find the organisation that most suits your character. Capita IT Resourcing offers its employees many opportunities that aren't available at other companies. In order to highlight a few of the many benefits you could expect at Capita, we've compiled a list of ten reasons why joining the business could be the best decision for your career.

1. Looking for the best

Capita IT Resourcing won’t make do with hiring anything less than the best. We prioritise finding the most talented employees possible in order to ensure their quality of service is over and above what clients expect. This means that you'll be working in teams of highly-talented individuals and will be expected to progress and develop your skills as you rise through the ranks.

2. Backing from an internationally renowned organisation

Capita IT Resourcing is just one arm of an incredibly successful, larger business: Capita plc, the leading provider of business process management. Not only does it allow employees to draw on a wide pool of expertise and experience; it also lends a great deal of credibility to their work. Other companies will know of Capita, recognise their dedication to excellent service and understand that they’re dealing with an organisation that expects the best from its employees.

3. Work in a tight-knit team

Much of the work in Capita is undertaken in tight-knit teams with a shared set of values:

  • Open: we are honest and transparent and always act with integrity
  • Ingenious: we think smartly, are resourceful and innovative
  • Collaborative: we take ownership but also draw on the benefits of teamwork and partnering
  • Effective: we deliver what we promise and believe great service can always be better

This generates a great bond between team members that is fostered and encouraged by the organisation with rewards for both individual and team successes.

4. Receive full training

When you join Capita IT Resourcing you receive full training to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and how to do it to a high standard. This gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and ensures that you receive support in any area in which you feel you may be lacking.

5. Look to the future

New recruits are also offered career mentoring in tandem with their training. This allows you to discuss your future with trained mentors, understand where your job could eventually take you, and provides you with a well-defined set of goals and objectives to work towards.

6. Build relationships with clients

Much of the work at Capita revolves around developing strong relationships with clients so that you can provide exactly what they need, when they need it. Being able to communicate well with a variety of individuals and businesses is essential to the job and will allow you to create strong, lasting bonds between the firm and its clients.

7. Enjoy variety in your work

A career in recruitment is one of variety, with different challenges every day. On a day-to-day basis you could be expected to headhunt new talent, communicate with clients or make a presentation, so a desire to succeed in a variety of fields is absolutely necessary

8. Reap the rewards

Capita IT Resourcing ensures that it rewards success, whether it be the achievement of a single individual or that of an entire team. Rather than just a simple pat on the back, employees can expect market leading commission, as well as additional training and career development incentives in order to encourage continued success.

9. Develop your key skills

Working at Capita will require you to employ all of the key skills you have developed in previous jobs or in education. Through their everyday use, you will soon come to notice rapid improvement in your performance and an increase in the number of abilities at your disposal.

10. A career you can enjoy

Finally, a career in Capita IT Resourcing is one that you'll enjoy and relish for its challenges. A great deal is expected of employees, but Capita tends to find that individuals that enjoy testing situations and are able to turn them into learning experiences, are the same employees that are most likely to succeed.

Have a read of our success stories to find out what it's like working for Capita IT Resourcing. If you're interested in applying for a role with us, send us your CV.

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